Tall Multi sided Diamond Shape UFO Sighting Reported

I was at tai chi, because of a back issue, I had asked for a brake from practice, which I was granted. Sitting on the sideline of the parking lot where we practiced, I looked up at the sky, for no reason but to look at the clouds. I saw what I first thought was a blinking light on an aircraft, but it was not moving, possibly a chopper?. Then I realized it was not blinking, but reflecting. It was just past sunset but the clouds were still catching sunlight, and this was at cloud level. UFO Sighting appeared to have multiple sides but I could not tell if it was 4,or 6,sided. It was a multi sided diamond long thin shape like a long flat sided, Christmas tree ornament pointed at each end. With each triangular surface of the upper and lower sides pointed away to the top and bottom, to form a solid diamond shape. Only the lower flats reflecting light because of the angle to the sun from my point of view. It was inclined at about 10 deg. to my right. So almost due east, and slowly rotating. The more I studied it, the more clearly I could make out this was not any helicopter, or kite it was too big and too high, sitting just under the cloud layer. When my teacher asked what I was looking at, I said a UFO. I looked back and it was still right there. Minutes later, the teacher ask if I was ready to join the class, when I looked back ,it was gone. This all took 4 or 5 minutes. It was my second UFO Sighting encounter with a totally unexplainable UFO sighting and was not easy to just except. I finally excepted it, as it was too vividly something I had never seen before. Not swamp gas, and no aircraft I had ever seen or flown. I had trouble not looking back all evening and had trouble concentrating on class. mufon cme# 116919 Waxhaw Pennsylvania This UFO Sighting occurred on 10/21/20 was reported on 7/16/21. This Region has had 4,185 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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