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Surprised by diffuse Cigar Shape UFO Sighting

On Sunday, May 5th, I was on my boat at Lake Pleasant, Arizona. I had spent the night on the boat and was almost ready to go back to the dock. I was about ¼ mile north of the 4 lane launch ramp at the north end of the lake. At 8:30 am I was drifting with a slight breeze from the north, pushing me toward the dock to the south. I had a line in the water, fishing, with a large brimmed hat and polarized sunglasses. The weather was sunny and clear, typical Arizona. I glanced up, looking south, and noticed what I at first thought might be some spiderwebs caught between my fishing rods, which were mounted on either side of the console. Whatever it was, it was diffuse, and somewhat hard to distinguish, much like the sun looks glinting off spiderwebs. Its relative size was about that of a full moon, about the size of an aspirin tablet at arm's length. It was completely stationary. After a few seconds I thought what I was seeing might be some reflection hitting my sunglasses. I moved my head up and down, trying to determine where a reflection might be coming from. At that moment the UFO Sighting moved on a level horizontal path toward the west, out of my visual range, in a fraction of a second. The acceleration was so great that by the time the object had moved to the right edge of my vision, I could no longer track it. At that moment I realized what I had witnessed. There were some people in kayaks, a couple of guys fishing and some other boats to the north and east of my position. The environment was quiet, and I heard absolutely nothing that could be associated with the UFO it was completely silent. I would estimate that it was about 40 degrees in elevation and on a bearing of 180 to 200 degrees. UFO Sighting size and distance were impossible to determine. The UFO appeared somewhat like two slightly elongated top hamburger buns, with the bottom bun inverted. There was a slight darker band separating the top and bottom sections. Width to height was about 3 to 1. The overall impression was that of a light weight, white fabric, almost with some translucent quality to it. I did not detect anything unusual looking through my polarized sunglasses. I am an experienced UFO researcher, yet it was not until the UFO shot out of sight that I realized what I had seen.

Cigar Shape UFO Sightings

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