Strange UFO Sighting Reported Tuckahoe NY

It was a hazy Saturday morning a few hours before it snowed so the sky was pretty white, like one big cloud. I was relatively close to Westchester NY Airport so I thought, "perhaps it's a plane with really bright lights because it's so hazy." but shortly after I saw this extremely bright, led-like UFO orb, fairly high in the sky I saw a lower-flying airplane that had no visible lights and it was clearly a plane, so for comparison, what I was seeing over the Sprain Brook south was in stark contrast with the plane I have just seen. This UFO Sighting was over trees and transmission towers, but very high up and it didn't move. I only saw this UFO for a few minutes before it disappeared. But I know that there are no airport towers over there, I know it couldn't have been anything like that. And perhaps this is unrelated, but the next time I drove on the Sprain Brook Parkway a week or two later, that body of water that surrounds the golf course perhaps the reservoir, was almost completely dried up, so much so that I don't believe it happened naturally. If it's man made, perhaps they're draining it, but I found it very odd that the water appeared to be dwindling significantly so soon after my strange UFO sighting. MUFON CMS# 107311 1/18/20 This Region has had 3,784 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

Bright Colored UFO Orbs

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