Strange UFO Sighting Reported Interacting with Tree's

Multiple UFO Sightings within the same 30 days. 1st, at Approx. 0300. 2 semi Saucer airship UFOs traveled slowly over my front yard. I witnessed from the front porch. The only part making the saucer incomplete was a squared out section of the ships apparent bow where lights were fixed. they hummed but not very loud. They had a red glow on the underbelly of the ships while they were crossing my front yard, green lights were appearing being absorbed by these vessels.

The green lights were coming from all the plants and trees in the vicinity. UFO Sighting appeared to be harvesting photons stored in plant matter. Once they crossed my path and as soon as beginning flying over the neighbors property, they entered a cloud/mist while simultaneously electricity with multiple arcs perhaps like static electricity traveled back and forth amongst the 2 as they went into the cloud. It wasn't a large cloud yet they never came out the other side. Visibility was excellent. all of this taking place under or around 100 feet in altitude.

A couple weeks later about the same time in the morning 0300, I saw a craft hovering South West of my location. I flashed it with a flash light and it came closer. it came less than 50ft and hovered over a nearby try over a outdoor shower head we have installed. I felt a intense fear. I put the flashlight behind my back with my left hand and for some reason I saluted the hovering vessel with my right hand. After saluting, it then traveled to the NE. crossing my path and ascending over the neighbors high enough to go over the pine trees on the other side of the neighbor. This was a complete saucer and appeared smaller than the other 2. a diameter of approximately 15 with no lights yet it had a hum absolutely fucking crazy. mufon cms# 116322 Bell Florida 11/14/21 This region has had 5,995 Reported UFO Sightings to date. 

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