Strange UFO Sighting during covid19 lock down

Looked out of bedroom window before turning in to bed and noticed 2 white stars close together but moving. Then noticed a 3rd behind and realized they were in a triangle moving together. The two UFOs in front passed one another, and I wondered if they were military craft because here in UK only military planes fly in pairs. As I looked left to right I then noticed the other UFOs in a line moving at the same speed, steady and equally spaced apart. Like a string of lights across the sky. I counted 6 of them and called my husband to come and take a look. We just watched and they kept on coming, I was counting 10 or 11 and getting excited. Tried taking video but they were so high up, like stars moving. I rang my mum to ask if she could see them on the other side of city. They were still coming across at least 22, we lost count, I was saying it's a fleet. After the first fleet, we saw 2 planes flying low north to south direction, they had blue and red wing lights and flashed, definitely planes. That's when we saw more white star like lights coming across. Totally different, steady, spaced out, not flashing and really high up above on the same line of flight as before only fewer. I asked my mum the time, she said 9.45 PM. We talked about what they could be, my husband was speechless and just wanted to watch. We saw the last one at about 10.05pm. The sky is clear, no cloud, no rain, no mist. Stars are clear to see. All of the star lights flew West to East in a perfect line. My house is at highest point on a hill, city and houses below my eye level. No objects or buildings obstruct view. Wondered if I should go on Face Book, or Leicester Mercury? Or police, who do you tell? Thought maybe they're on radar at East Midlands Airport or Leicester private airport? What do you think? Can't believe this is happening, like is it military or what? I wondered satellites, but at least 20 satellites? No way. So must be UFOs. There must be other people who saw them, but we are on covid19 lock down. Is that why we're on lock down!? Is something else going on that no one is telling us? Got so many questions, weird but excited. I need to know, I want answers.Source  4/19/20 Leicester UK England.

5 disk shaped UFOs

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