Strange Triangle Shaped UFO Sighting Reported

UFO was large bright triangular shaped slowly moving south to north then course change east, no sound or strobe. I saw a light in the sky brighter than Venus approaching my position from the south. The sky was clear, light breeze temp 74 degrees. The UFO Sighting was moving very slowly to the north and passed directly overhead. I estimate its size as large and at about 20 K feet. As the UFO Sighting passed overhead I could make out the triangular shape. There were small lights at each point and a large bright light in the center. There was no sound and no contrail and no strobe light. Passing overhead it changed course to the east. Again no sound. I lost sight of it over Lake City. I checked flight-aware for air traffic and nothing was within miles of my position. I had a strong flashlight with me (1500 luminis) and attempted to signal to the UFO Sighting, there was no response. DAMN second time in three years. Wellborn Florida 5-14-20.


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