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Shocked and Disturbed by witnessing UFO Sighting

Arrived in Cancun Mexico to start vacation and was on balcony facing ocean when myself and companion simultaneously said "look there's a drone out there" watching it for a few mins it was obvious that it wasn't a drone as it shot up and around almost instantaneously while changing direction on a dime. Another UFO was also spotted and they interacted with the other sometimes orbiting each other and sometimes shooting apart to return back together again. UFOs never merged. The UFO Sighting appeared as a bigger center light with smaller blinking outer lights that sometimes blinked, sometimes were solid and sometimes the smaller lights appeared to orbit the big center light or perhaps light up sequentially. After watching these for perhaps a half hour or so trying to make sense of what they could be, they vanished behind heavier cloud cover then shortly reemerged much closer. This time it was a singular UFO and you could see the center light and the outer perimeter lights in much better detail but they were still flying above any clouds that were out that night. Even when behind clouds they were visible but only fainter in intensity due to cloud obstructions. At least twice and maybe 3 times this object flashed or emitted a very strange but extremely bright light that I can only describe as "lightening like" but it was contained just to the area around the UFO when it flashed like this (once when behind clouds but could still clearly see it) the silhouette of this UFO Sighting was clearly visible and the sighting of it was very disturbing. It was very solid and shaped like the bottom of a boat but was more angular than rounded as in a boat bottom. It seemed to slow down but not hover when it emitted these short bursts of light which very much reminded me of lightening both in color and intensity. Much like lightening it had a smaller initial burst followed instantaneously by a larger burst. it never flashed more than two very quick bursts. one burst was behind cloud coverage yet strangely enough you could still see its silhouette clearly and the light flashes never reflected or illuminated anything but a small area around the UFO. It was clearly an object of some sort, was above any clouds present at the time. This UFO Sighting sometimes moved so fast and changed direction so quickly it could not of been any type of known aircraft. there were some spotlights coming from some tourist attraction or another off in distance, but this was clearly a solid object. I was so disturbed by this UFO Sighting that I actually fell asleep out on balcony hoping to spot it again which I did not. I wish to god I could come up with some reasonable explanation for this as I am not one prone to believing such things, but I saw it with my own eyes, I know it was a solid object and cannot come up with any type of explanation. I captured some brief moments on video with my cellphone but it was extremely hard to follow as it shot across sky and abruptly changed direction. I did capture one of the light bursts but it was so far away and so dark you cannot make out the type of details I witnessed the lights just appear as blobs of light. I was completely shocked and disturbed by witnessing this UFO phenomenon I do hope someone can enlighten me with some reasonable explanation besides just "UFO" as i'm not one to believe such things possible but I did clearly witness something solid up there doing impossible maneuvering at sometimes impossible speeds. MUFON CMS# 105787 1/23/20 Cancun Quintana Roo Mexico Region has had 39 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

Flying Saucer UFO over ocean

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