Disk Shaped UFOs

Shapeshifting UFO seemed to shine like chrome or silver see video

As soon as I noticed the UFO, I removed my phone from my pocket and started to record. While viewing the UFO with my eyes, 5 or more other UFOs were in the clouds glinting. I could see the main UFO changing size and shape with my eyes. while recording, the object changed directional position, which was in a way, a pulse, that affected my phone and is seen in the recording. during one recording, a fighter jet flew into the area, and the object either hid in the clouds or left our dimension. I have roughly 15 minutes of footage, some are very clear and show the UFO continuously changing shape, changing size, emitting material, affecting the atmosphere around it, and leaving our dimension. mufon cms# 119567 Yuma Arizona U.S. 11/19/21. This Region has had 3,676 Reported UFO UAP Sightings to date.

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