Several Witnesses Possible UFO Crash over Mesa AZ

Around 10:33pm 6/14/21 neighbors in Mesa, Arizona reported a UFO Sighting of a flash of light and loud boom. They posted their nest video and it shows an UFO Sighting that appears to be crashing to earth and a few seconds later there is a flash and loud boom. Another neighbor posted a video showing that they too captured the flash at the same time. Several more neighbors posted hearing the boom and where they were in the city. I myself and my dogs heard and felt it. There has been no report of this anywhere on the local news. additionally, after calling a local tv station I was told there had been no other reports. we deserve to know what is going on. mufon cms# 116284 Mesa Arizona 6/14/21 This Region has had 3,577 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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