Several UFOs flying around shining lights into my house

At the time of my submitting this UFO Sighting encounter, I am terrified. I never in my life thought I would actually see or hear anything that would cause me to believe in the existence of UFOs, but I don't know what else could be happening. For about a week now, every single night, as soon as it gets dark, there are a group of at least 5+ of these unidentified flying objects that appear outside my house and on/around my street. I first noticed them one night when I was going to bed. I shut everything down, and as I was starting to walk to my bedroom, I say what looked like a flashlight beam shining into my windows in the kitchen.

When I went to investigate, I couldn't find the source so I brushed it off and started back to my bedroom, but I saw the light again, shining in my living room this time. Again, I looked out the blinds, and even walked around outside and found nothing. I ended up staying up the entire night because this was occurring all night long. the next night, same thing after a week of trying to determine the source, I finally saw it, I was able to get it on video too but now I am scared because I can't explain it at all. These UFOs fly around my house as well as all of my neighbors houses at least on my block, all night long shining light in through windows.

I got a video of one of them first outside of my living room window, through the window, I saw the light coming through and pulled back the blinds and saw nothing at first like usual, but then I saw a tiny V shaped light and started recording it. In the video it starts out blue, and as the video continues it quickly darts all around the screen. The strangest part about this UFO Sighting was that the light on it would turn off and it was as if the UFO was invisible. In my video, the screen is black because it was dark out so you definitely, see the light but it doesn't appear to be attached to anything. When I closed the blinds, it started shining lights in my windows again.

I finally worked up the nerve to go outside, at first I saw nothing, but then I could see these objects outside of my neighbor' homes, and you can see them towards the end of the video, going from being dim to extremely bright and shining lights into my neighbor's windows as well. The scary thing is that they actually as if they are intelligent lifeforms and try to get my attention now that I know and acknowledge their existence.

As I am typing this message, I am sitting in my bathroom and one of these UFOs is shining a light at me over and over, and when I ignore it, they keep making it brighter and brighter and even purposely keep going over my face with it so I see it and acknowledge them. Please help, because I am terrified right now and I just want it to stop! mufon cms# 114882 Venice Florida 4/16/21 Region has had 5,905 Reported UFO Sightings to date. There were no photo's or video submitted in this report.

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