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Roughly 200 UFOs were Sighted over Yuma Arizona

Around 05:40 hrs as I was urinating in the dark side of the house I looked to see the sky when suddenly I observed a small bright UFO. at first i thought it was one of those you usually see at night but then I saw a myriad of others following it. i called my girlfriend to come out quickly because I needed a witness and I couldn't record it. She came out wrapped in her blanket and observed the last of them which were still numerous. The strange thing is that these UFOs flew into the same spot and disappeared there. There were around or so Two Hundred UFOs. honestly, I'm stunned by the experience and that's why I'm reporting this. Just happened about an hour or so. MUFON CMS#  107114 UFO Sighting occurred on 3/24/20 over Yuma Arizona with this Region there has been 3,314 reported UFO Sightings.

Silver UFOs over Yuma Arizona

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