Repeated UFO Sighting of a Cigar Shaped UFO Portland OR

Today I witnessed a UFO Sighting of a Cigar Shaped UFO going a very high speed across the sky over NW Portland at a pretty low altitude. I witnessed in two different days a Large Vessel type Craft traveling from SE to SW. The same UFO Sighting two different times on both my recent reports of these UFOs I was off by 3 Minutes on the UFO sighting time. It was 2:45pm not 2:42pm. today I got home and prepared my camera I had one for photos and one for video viewing outside my window.

Unfortunately the phone for video stopped because of the battery at 0% the second before the vessel appeared. And the other photos were blocked by my window frame unfortunately. I can try again tomorrow to hopefully have better luck getting the UFOs on film the cool part of today the UFO Sighting I saw is that it was traveling the other direction from SW to SE and was traveling at the light speed way quicker way faster. The light was not as wide as the previous day's sightings so can for sure be possible that's it's not the star-link. mufon cms# 116562 Portland OR. U.S 6/28/21

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