Recent UFO Sighting of Multiple Craft Reported Staten island NY

It was Sunday night around 8:pm I went to my yard like I do every night with my binoculars and laser pointer to look at stars and see if I spot anything odd. I began the CE5 Protocols by Dr. Steven Greer and meditation after about a hour and a half I began to notice this white orb in front of the clouds. The sky was gray with clouds so I could see this orb very good then 2 more disc shape craft flew in together and stopped directly over me after a few moments another orb came out from behind the top craft now there are 4 craft 2 orbs and 2 disc shaped UFOs. I was very nervous my wife couldn’t believe what we were seeing she got so nervous she went inside I stood outside and I was hitting the UFO Sightings with my laser pointer these craft must have been a good 50+ feet across they made absolutely no sound when they moved they were silent. I honestly think they were trying to blend in with the clouds but it was if they had a dim white light on in the craft making them a little brighter then the clouds. After about 40 min they began to go back the same way they came in but the only difference was when they flew off they were sideways like bottom of craft to the side they left on weird after 20-30 seconds they were out of sight. It was very very scary to see but I was completely in awe this wasn’t my 1st UFO Sighting encounter but I will say this the cE5 protocols seem to work. source  UFO Sighting occurred over Staten Island NY on 8/23/20

UFO Disk over trees

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