Realizing it was a UFO Sighting of a flying disk blew my mind

First, I saw what I thought was an airplane flying in the same direction of the Potomac River towards us from the right, as we were coming up to the Keyser WV bridge from Maryland. As it got closer I realized it was a ufo. It was a grey/silver sphere-shaped craft. UFO Sighting hovered for a few seconds in front of us as we were on a motorcycle and then it shot up in the sky to a point it became a small black dot. That was just like a second or two and then the black dot started shooting up more until it just disappeared. I was the only one that saw it because my husband was watching the road as we started to cross the bridge. I couldn't talk or even tap him to tell him to look at it I was so shocked to see it. I know most people will not believe that but I am telling you the truth I saw it and will never forget what I saw. mufon cms# 120234 Keyser West Virginia U.S.

Sliver Gray Disk Shaped UFO Hovering over trees

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