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Prestonsburg Kentucky UFO Sighting Reported

We had over 56 UFO Sightings and they originated from no known location but from the same point, at differing intervals. There were no clouds. Each UFO traveled westward, and when they reached a certain area they just disappeared. They did not fall or zoom away they just disappeared. we watched for over 20 minutes and counted these. The objects were going fast! faster than the helicopter or planes. These UFOs would stop and reverse direction almost immediately. At times they would fly toward each other, or chase each other, but none went past this certain airspace. There were two clusters of lights, with 10 lights in one and about 14 in the other. the cluster with the 10 lights was close to what we think is Venus and the objects originated close to this. the other cluster was under Orion's belt. These UFOs hovered, went backwards, zigzagged, at high rates of speed. They were all the same white bluish light with no twinkling, the UFOs were very uniform. mufon cms# 106659 Prestonsburg Kentucky 3/05/20 Region has had a total of 1233 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

Prestonsburg Kentucky UFO Sighting reported static map

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