Police Officer Describes Silent UFO Sighting

During November 1984 I was a police officer on duty in full uniform in company of another officer who wishes to remain anonymous we were night duty and I was r/t operator on x ray 3 the area car (white rover fully marked up) that covered Southall division including Greenford, Northolt and Norwood Green it was about 03:00 hrs and we were traveling slowly east along Ruislip road Northolt from the white heart roundabout towards Greenford we were on side lights only and creeping along the deserted road as there had been several cars that had been set on fire in this vicinity during the week to our left was a large open space called rectory park directly adjoining the pavement on the near side of our car. I had a clear and unobstructed view across the park which was of course completely dark I happened to look across towards the park and in the distance saw a large orange UFO light just hovering. It was hard to estimate the distance but appeared about a quarter of a mile away I brought it to the attention of the driver who also saw it. We had a brief conversation both agreeing it was too large and too high to be a street light ( the A-40 runs east -west) at the far side of the park we both wondered if it was something to do with RAF Northolt which was located not too far away about a mile west of our location as we continued slowly along I kept watch on the light and it started to drop down lower and fly towards us. It then became apparent that the orange UFO light was only the base light in the center of a huge black craft. It was triangular in shape with a bright white light on each point. It flew silently and slowly towards us and I estimated it to be about 3 to 4 football pitches in size it was so low it barely skimmed the tops of the trees and yet made no sound. I had the window rolled completely down and was literally hanging out of the car looking up at it. The UFO Sighting matched our speed and remained on the near side of our car. It raised altitude to fly over a housing estate and then dropped down very low again just skimming the rooftops of the houses. It was huge and blocked out much of the sky. All the time it kept pace with our car and on my side of the road now I think at this point our radios started to make static noise so we were unable to call for other units to attend. We drove over the Lady Margaret roundabout and continued along for about another half a mile and in this time saw no other pedestrian or vehicular traffic. In fact we saw no one else throughout the entire incident I told the driver to stop the car just as we entered Greenford Broadway an area with several shops and brightly lit he stopped the car in the middle of the road and we both got out. The UFO now was about 30 feet above us hovering silently directly overhead I could see it was a Matt black almost dull in color and had no visible markings. The orange light had gone out and just had the three remaining white lights on each point. The UFO Sighting dwarfed us and looked ridiculously close to the tops of the buildings either side of us. There was no noise absolutely silent and blocked out much of the sky we turned off the car engine. Still no discernible noise we turned on the blue roof lights of our car and I was jumping up and down shouting and waving at it. no response at all. After a few minutes of the this the craft slowly turned around and silently flew back along the road we had just driven along. after about 200 yards it suddenly shot straight up into sky and disappeared. we got back into our car and drove straight to Greenford police station which was literally 200 yards away here I relayed our story to the station officer who asked if we wanted to make an official UFO Sighting report we both decided not to. He then suggested calling RAF Northolt and see if they could shed any light on it. I then called them and explained who I was etc and we were put through to what I was told was the control tower the person I spoke to said this almost to the word officer we have no aircraft no helicopters weather balloons or hang gliders up over this area. do you want to report a UFO Sighting? I immediately said so you saw it too then? there was a pregnant pause and he replied yes we most certainly did I said have you any idea what it was? he replied no. None what so ever I said is it worth reporting to you? he said you can if you want but to be honest. Not really I then thanked him and put the phone down after the incident I started having strange dreams and have since seen other craft. I have not seen the triangle since the driver didn't like to talk about it even to this day. As a footnote about a week later a motorist burst into Greenford police station in the early hours of one morning very agitated claiming that a huge orange light had buzzed his car along the same road. This time it was reported in the grid ob by the station officer.  MUFON CMS# 107753 UFO Sighting occurred on 11/22/84 Reported on 4/15/20 Region has had 2096 Reported UFO Sightings to date. 

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