Pink Oval Shaped Luminous UFO Sighting Wisconsin

While biking on a clear night under a full moon I had a UFO Sighting of a Pink Oval-Shaped, luminous object, it was as moving from right to left at a moderate speed, and then switched directions at an astonishing speed. It way that it changed directions and went almost to warp leaving behind a trail of light was jarring and surprising. I'm unaware of any conventional vehicle or aerial phenomena it could be. I also did see a black helicopter earlier while biking but didn't think much of it even though the location I was biking in was rather rural. I was with one other person but not sure they saw the UFO Sighting. The whole event lasted only 5-6 seconds but was still extremely memorable. mufon cms# 117076 Albany Wisconsin U.S 7/24/21. This Region has had 1,365 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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