Photo Taken Large Metal UFO Pacific Missouri

Myself and my daughter where heading to her school to drop her off. We were running late, and as we were heading up a road in Eureka Mo. called route 109, my daughter kept saying look at that daddy what is that, and because we were running late, I told her I didn't have time to be looking at anything, and that I needed to pay attention, and get her to school. But she insisted that I look.

I then looked to my left on the driver side, up into the sky, she said it keeps moving back and forth. When I looked what I saw was a Large Metal UFO in the shape of an oval. I did not see it moving but I saw it staying still in the sky, UFO Sighting appeared to be about the same size as a large passenger plane, but not in that shape, and it definitely was not moving. So I pulled over and took a picture. In my life I have never witnessed anything like this, it moved me so much that I went to the eureka police department and asked them if there were any other UFO sightings, and if they were aware of any drones or anything else going on, and they said they were not.

I also called Scott Air Force Base to see if they were aware of anything as well and they were not. The picture shows the object faded grey color, but as we watched it, you could clearly tell it was some kind of metal or alloy, because it shined. The cool part of the picture is that the sun must have gave a secondary out line or transposed the object which clearly shows its actual shape, an oval. mufon cms# 113541 Pacific Missouri U.S 5/02/19 Region has had 2,373 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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