Oval UFO Sighting No Lights Hovering Reported

A Dark Gray Colored Craft. I had stopped at a stop sign to my right I looked up just above tree level and noticed a Dark Gray UFO hovering sitting still. The UFO Sighting seemed to be watching me. No noise or lights coming from the object. It was almost dark but not quit. I live in a very rural area. There were no other cars or people around. just some cows. The UFO Sighting seemed to hover as I sat still at the stop sign for about 3 min. then all of a sudden the craft took off with exceptionally high speed like a rocket. Instead of the UFO Sighting ascending toward the sky it went down into a pasture and behind a hill or terrain. It was so fast if you blinked your eyes you would have thought you were dreaming. I never saw the craft again after this incident. mufon cms# 109305 Jefferson Georgia U.S 6-18-19 Region has had 1928 Reported UFO Sightings  to date.

Gray Colored Disk Shaped UFO Hovering above trees

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