Oval Shaped UFO Sighting Reported Florida U.S.

The UFO Sighting was observed by both husband and wife at 12:24 am on 11/22/2020 utilizing brand binoculars Hammer & Axe 7x50 outdoor UV binoculars recently purchased new. Husband observed the UFO Sighting first and then confirmed sighting by asking wife to look up in the sky in an eastward direction and describe using the binoculars what she was observing.

Both husband and wife described the UFO Sighting and its darting unpredictable and amazingly fast changes in direction and elevation as the UFO remained in sight for the duration of the 21 minute event. The Palm Beach county international airport is located in that direction from our backyard, but the UFO was definitely not behaving or flying in a straight or regular path, and we both are sincerely convinced that no standard aircraft could or would appear so clearly on a clear night to be defying normal expectations of what an aircraft does or should be capable of doing at 12:24 am to 12:45 am on 11/22/2020! we are thrilled to have been witnesses to this event. 

mufon cms# 112387 West Palm Beach Florida 11/22/20 Region has had 5,746 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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