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Multiple Witnesses Strange UFO Sighting Kansas City

Was contacted by my dad stating that him and 5 other people, some of which included coworkers, were standing outside near North East 45th street and North Troost Ave witnessing an UFO Sighting flying strangely in the sky. While on their trash route they noticed an older couple standing outside looking up and shielding the eyes from the sun. My dad asked them what they were looking at and he was instructed to look up. That is when he and his coworkers witnessed the strange UFO Sighting. He reported that it would move up, down, left, and right and return to its original position. He said it made no sound from what he could tell and he couldn't quite get a feel for how far or large it was. He attempted to capture video but it did not show up well. He sent me a few pictures he had taken of the UFO Sighting. Due to time restraints they were not able to stay and monitor the UFO. It is a house near where the sighting took place. I chose it arbitrarily, misunderstanding that this was not supposed to be the information of the UFO Sighting. I am also reporting this on behalf of my father because he is not so computer savvy I am sure he would love to share his experience with you if contacted. There were multiple witnesses but due to the constraints of the submission form I could not include that information in the earlier fields. mufon cms# 108034 Kansas City Region has had 2249 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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