Multiple UFOs witnessed over Corte Madera CA

Multiple bright luminous UFO Sightings mostly in groups of two hovering side by side over hillside tops.I had a witness step out onto the road to observe 2 brightly lit UFOs about a mile in front of us toward the south east horizon. One UFO was distinctly bluish white and the other UFO was golden yellow. My witness thought they were stars because of how they pulsated. A couple minutes later these UFOs were gone and multiple other UFOs continued to appear and hover. 

I also believe I witnessed possibly the same UFO sighting on 1-24-19 at 6:45 P.M from the Golden Gate Bridge toll Plaza as someone reported from Oakland. A huge yellow light was seen near the SF downtown skyline at exactly 6:45 to 6:50 P.M. No one else at the bus stop or tourists or anyone else seemed to be noticing this huge hovering light and a second UFO Sighting appeared briefly and then they just winked out like someone turning off a light switch.

UFO Sighting reported over Corte Madera CA

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