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Mount Lassen National Forest Doughnut Shape UFO Sighting photo

Mount Lassen National Park Doughnut Shape UFO Sighting photo

UFO Sighting reported 5?30/17: I was hiking in the Mount Lassen National Forest, near the southwest entrance of Mount Lassen National Park. I photographed some trees with interesting moss patterns with my Nikon D810 camera. I did not notice the UFOs until I was editing my photos the next day. At the time, the forest area was very quiet; there were no aircraft in the area and no extraneous noise, other than birds and light wind noise through the pine trees. 

I have no idea what these UFOs are. As I said above, I did not notice them at the time of the photographs. I took 6 photos of the trees within one minute. The UFOs appear in two frames which, given that the D810 can take photos at 4-5 frames a second, means the UFOs were in the two frames for only fractions of a second. The size of the UFOs are hard to determine. They appear to be distant and traveling fast. 

My after the fact reactions are curiosity, of course, and I would like to know what these strange UFOs are. I have contacted NASA, the Air Force, local TV, and the Park Service without any resolution as to what the UFO Sightings are and if anyone else saw them. mufon cms# 84156

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