Disk Shaped UFOs

Military Radar UFO Sighting reported Tokishi Shima Island (Japan) 1966

Tokishi Shima Island Japan UFO Sighting report 1966

I was 23 years old I am in the Army it is Sunday my day off. I am scanning the sky's with a radar in the North there is a Island about 25 miles away there are 5 disk Shaped UFOs going up and down causing the radar to lock and unlock. I call the officer of the day (O.D.) he comes out and looks then he returned to the control center to call the Air force the USAF send 3 fighters to investigate this UFO Radar Sighting. The planes get within a short distance from the UFOs and disappear. The planes turn around. the UFO discs reappear. The planes turn around and as before when the planes get close the UFO discs disappear. The planes turn around again and go back to where they come. The UFO discs once again reappear. I go back to my barracks the UFO witnesses are my self, the O.D. 3 members on duty and 3 pilots. I have never forgotten this UFO Sighting and I thought I would never see them again then in January 2017 I see one up close. NUFORC UFO Sighting Report

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