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Bad things happen in the Santa Susana Pass
J. Burkes MD
It was a slow day in ambulance area. The patient and I were alone in an examining room. I was serving as “admitting officer” and I had been asked by the ER crew to evaluate a possible admission to the hospital. The patient was a middle-aged African American man. The chart indicated that he was suffering from a kidney aliment. We were crammed into a tiny private exam room. There was barely enough space to squeeze a hospital stretcher on which the patient sat. Standard patient monitoring equipment covered two walls. A tall hospital swivel tray served as my desk for the evaluation. Decades before I had been an industrial toxicology medical consultant. As part of my special interest in occupational diseases I had acquired the habit of taking a detailed work history. I asked him what was his occupational status.

He told me that he was retired. From what kind of occupation?” I replied.
“I worked for the government, “ was his answer. That somewhat vague reply got me interested. From countless evaluations I had learned that people who perhaps worked for the postal office, FAA or the US Forrest Service almost never used the cryptic expression, “government work.” That was an answer sometimes used by those who had security responsibilities. I asked him what specifically was his job and he replied that he had been a physical plant engineer at the Department of Energy site in Chatsworth. It was a high desert suburban town in the Northwest corner of LA County’s San Fernando Valley. This high security federal laboratory is located on the southwestern wall of the Santa Susana Pass. It is adjacent to the desolate high desert fieldwork site that my CE-5 contact team used in 1992.

The Santa Susana Pass separates Chatsworth from a bedroom community called the Simi Valley. Most of the people who live there commute to the San Fernando Valley and other parts of Los Angeles where the jobs were. Many of our medical group’s patients come from these towns around the pass. Back then one investigator on my UFO contact team was also a colleague from our med group’s Family Medicine Department. He had gotten permission from his section chief to do a survey of UFO sightings. His patients and medical center staff serviced as the study population. Having a much loved family practice physician on my team turned out to be a bonanza when it came to acquiring intelligence concerning ongoing UFO sightings in the area. Whenever patients of Dr Daniel heard about sightings in their area, they checked out the report and then passed it on to their personal physician Dr Daniel, who then passed the useful intelligence along to our contact team. 

The Department of Energy research facility was a dirty and dangerous place to work. Press reports back in the 1980s identified this site as one where a number of serious environmental accidents had occurred. These involved the release of toxic chemicals and the highly dangerous radioactive substance called plutonium. During the 1980s I had been a volunteer physician activist in an organization called Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR). We conducted a national educational campaign about the health hazards of nuclear power and nuclear weapons production. Our LA chapter of PSR was very aware of the problems with DOE installation in the Santa Susana Pass and worked with a coalition of environmental and anti-nuclear groups to force the government to clean up its act there. I asked the retired government worker to describe his exact job at the DOE site. He replied that his position was plant engineer. He kept the facility running properly by carrying out routine maintenance. This included plumbing, electrical and outdoor repairs. 

Things were really slow in the ER that day so I thought there would be no harm if after my medical evaluation I told him about my special interest in UFOs. I asked him whether he had ever seen a UFO and his reaction was telling. With a concerned expression on his face, he turned his head from side to side to look around. I imagined he was checking to see if we anyone else besides me might be able might to hear his reply. “Yes I saw a UFO once,” was his answer. We were totally alone in the tiny room, the glass sliding door was closed and a curtain allowed us privacy. Despite this the patient had turned his head and looked around before he dared to the answer my question. I was eager to find out more about his sighting. I mentioned to retired plant engineer that back in the 1990s I had been part of an investigative team that had a number of sightings of UFOs in the Santa Susana Pass. Our fieldwork site was less than a mile from the DOE research facility. This information seemed to set him more at ease. He paused for a few moments and then I guess he decided it was safe to tell me his story.

Back in the late 1980’s more than fifteen years before our interview, he was on duty at the research lab when the alarms went off. It was late afternoon and the monitors indicated that there was a sudden loss of water pressure in the lines that supplied a number of the labs. The facility had been built deep underground in the side of a mountain, but there were many labs on the surface as well. The retired engineer explained that on the top of the base enormous water towers with storage vats supplied the entire complex. Pipes several feet across ran down from the storage towers along the steep hillsides to various labs. Sudden loss of water pressure could only be addressed one way. He knew the drill. The engineer and a co-worker grabbed a machete and a weed-whacker and went outside to check on the status of the water lines. Starting up high at the water towers, they followed the lines down the steep hillside looking for a busted pipe. This was not an easy task. It was late afternoon but it was still very hot outside. The water mains were partially covered with rocks and dirt. Desert plants with sharp nettles were everywhere and to top if off this was rattlesnake country.
SABOTAGE! The maintenance engineers moved slowly because the loose sedimentary rock did not provide secure footing. Finally as the sun was setting they found the busted pipe. Water was shooting upwards like a geyser. To their amazement the large pipe had been cleanly cut as if by a power tool! They had expected to see a jagged break in the water line, the kind that might come from simple corrosion or from falling rocks. The engineer stated that there was no doubt in his mind that damage was done deliberately. It was sabotage. As the water main was being inspected, they noted a strange soft humming sound. They looked up and not more than a hundred feet away was a rotating disc hovering close to the ground. It was metallic and about twenty-five feet across. My patient told me that he and his buddy stared in amazement. Soon they called security on the radio. They explained the situation and were told not to approach the UFO. The retired engineer stated that getting closer to the spinning saucer was the last thing he wanted to do. Security reportedly informed the men that they were coming down to check out the situation. However before they arrived the saucer departed. From a hovering mode I was told that it pointed one side upwards and then started to climb slowly. After just a few seconds the UFO accelerated at a tremendous speed and disappeared into the twilight. The next day government security officials arrived and interviewed him at length. He was required to make a drawing of what he had seen. Both he and his fellow plant engineer were sworn to secrecy and they were advised not to discuss the event. When my interview with him took place about fifteen years had passed since he had retired from the DOE. He told me that his fellow witness had also retired and was living in Las Vegas. My patient said he was certain that his buddy would corroborate his sighting report. I thanked him and I made final preparations for his being admitted to the hospital.

The Department of Energy Lab had been a high security facility since the 1960s. After the Cold War with the USSR ended our Los Angeles PSR chapter’s office manager had put together a public photography exhibition that was called, “Nuclear Los Angeles.” One of the most startling pictures was a reproduction of the Soviet military’s nuclear targeting map for Southern California. In dark bold Cyrillic letters, the Chatsworth DOE site’s location and name were clearly indicated. In case of all out nuclear war, Soviet atomic bombs would likely be hurled into the Santa Susana Pass.

Given the conflict-laden history of the military’s relationship with UFOs, one can speculate why a flying saucer might penetrate a high security facility to carry out an act of sabotage. It should be remembered that in 1967 according to USAF missile personnel over ten nuclear rockets went “off line.” In other words they could not be fired, and this took place while a red glowing flying saucer hovered over the front gate of the launch facility. This is just one of many similar incidents in which UFOs penetrated secure US defense facilities. In the opinion of respected analysts like Richard Dolan and Grant Cameron, the targeting of UFOs by secret space based weapons systems is also very likely to be going on. Thus the event described to me in 2006 was not likely to have been isolated occurrence. The DOE lab in the Santa Susana Pass is known to have developed key technology in the US space program. Forty years ago the space shuttle engines were first developed at the Chatsworth DOE site. Those rockets’ red glow could be seen all across the San Fernando Valley when they were tested on top of the DOE base in the pass. In my judgment the incident described to me by my patient was likely part of a kind of a new“cold war” this time against ET assets that has been going on for decades.

I thought the case was of considerable value and I asked the African American gentleman whether he would be willing to give public testimony about what he had witnessed. He told me that since he was retired and no longer worked at the DOE, he thought that should be no problem. I contacted Dan Willis of the Disclosure Project about whether this new testimony could be useful. He informed me that no new witnesses were being interviewed at that time. I debated whether I could on my own video tape this retired engineer from the Department of Energy lab. In 2006 I was commuting between Los Angeles and Northern California every two weeks. Although I knew that his narrative provided important new information about the US military conflicts with UFO intelligence, I simply could not take on the chore of producing video documentation about this troubling event that had taken place in the late 1980s in the Santa Susana Pass.

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