Massive Dark Triangle UFO Sighting over Mt. St. Helens

UFO Sighting occurred in the fall of 1997 (I believe it was around Nov. 9). My teenage son and his 18 year old friend saw it first as they were preparing to leave our home on top of Yacolt mountain in SW Washington state. it was a clear night with no moon out, but stars were bright and clear. My son came back in the house very excited and told me there were some weird lights in the sky. At first I just told him it might be the northern lights (which we had seen that September from our high elevation on the mountain). He said "ok" and went back outside and came back in about half a minute later and said "no dad, you need to see this".

I said ok and got up and looked out the window. When I saw the UFO Sighting, I called my other kids and wife to all come outside. The 7 of us stood in our front lawn, which has a wide open view (about a 240 degree view) of the valley and the cascade mountain range, and we watched the craft silently move in a straight line toward mount St. Helens to the northeast. It was flying parallel to the ground and left no exhaust trail. I would estimate that it was between 200 and 500 feet above our mountain top but could have been much more. I was initially estimating that it was about a mile long and 1/2 mile wide as I tried to make mental notes of what I was seeing, but when we lost site of the craft behind Mt. St. Helens, it appeared to be at least a quarter the width of the mountain at the timber line. I also focused for a little bit on one of the dim but mostly steady lights that were visible on the bottom and saw it go off at one point and then come back on a few seconds later. There were maybe 6 to 8 lights visible in total in no apparent pattern. When my son and his friend first observed the craft, it came directly over Yacolt mountain.

Our house was only about 50 feet below the summit of this small mountain. My son and his friend both said the craft nearly blocked the entire sky when it first came overhead. By the time I got outside to view it (maybe 1 to 2 minutes) I would estimate it was already 5 to 10 miles past us. You could not make out the exact edges of the UFO, but it was easily recognized by the stars it blocked out. Again, it was a clear night and we were located far away from city lights, so the stars are very intense there. there was no moon, but Mt. St. Helens had a fresh coat of snow and was faintly visible by star light. After we lost sight of the craft, I called into a local news station in Portland Oregon to report the UFO sighting.

 The staff member that answered seemed completely disinterested and did not ask for any details. I stayed up to watch the local news, and at the very end of the newscast, they had a very short report stating that there were several reports of a UFO Sighting between Salem, Oregon and Tacoma, Washington that night (a distance of 190 miles by interstate freeway), so they checked with Norad and were told it was remnants of an old rocket in orbit that reentered the atmosphere and safely crashed into the pacific ocean. this didn't match anything about the event. First of all, we could easily make out the huge triangular shape, there was no flames or smoke trail as you would typically see from debris entering the atmosphere, it took several minutes to fly about 25 to 30 miles distance, and the pacific ocean was to our west and the UFO Sighting was flying to the northeast (inland). mufon cms# 113016 Yocolt Washington U.S 11/09/97

map link: https://www.Google.Com/maps/dir/yacolt+mountain/mt.+st.+helens/@46.0223853,-122.6150233,10z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x5494352905db7815:0xe1d5371691b10c63!2m2!1d-122.4509306!2d45.8603915!1m5!1m1!1s0x54969956568a2691:0x69ddb4f4b6cf94c7!2m2!1d-122.1955508!2d46.1914006

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