Law Enforcement Officer Experiences UFO Sighting Ca

Before I describe this UFO Sighting I will give a bit of a back ground. I work in law enforcement. Our location is next to a military base and airport so I am familiar with all manners of objects in the sky from drones to helicopters and planes. I had driven south to my families house when I noticed through some trees initially a bright Orange UFO light. At first I thought it was one of those old street lights but it was too high. Then I realized it was hovering and pulsating and slightly deviating forward backward up and down very slowly. So I started to think it was a drone possibly I started to film for approximately 42 seconds at 2240hrs then I decided to park and filmed again for approximately 18 secs at 2241hrs observing the UFO Sighting I realized it was oddly shaped more like a top and drones typically do not have this pulsating orange glow so I thought maybe some type of reflective balloon or kite I stopped filming then set my phone to night mode to capture a photo it had a 2 sec exposure time as soon as that photo was captured the object was gone. I did not witness it fly away drop or make any other maneuvers. It was simply as if someone turned off the lights. I then filmed the area of sky it was witnessed in for approximately 10 secs at 2242 hours. mufon cms# 116399 Santa Maria California 6/19/21 This Region has had 11,563 Reported UFO Sightings to date. 

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