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Latest UFO Sighting reported White Luminous Oblong UFO Disk speeding across Old Metairie, LA, sky

White luminous oblong UFO disk speeding across Old Metairie, LA, sky from West to East, midway horizon. Last night between 7:30/7:45 PM, I was sitting in my living room, in an upper apartment level that faces the southern sky over West Napoleon Avenue in Old Metairie, LA. My living room has a large glass sliding door that leads to a porch, and a large picture window, all facing south. My recliner faces both these windows. Suddenly I saw a glowing, luminous white, oblong shaped UFO disk, streak across the sky at an incredible speed midway or a little higher above the horizon. It traveled from West to East. By the time I jumped up and crossed the few feet to reach the glass door window, it had disappeared from sight. For years now, I have been able to see airplanes, jets, helicopters flying in the sky from this view. None of them were ever shaped like this, glowed, or traveled at such speed. source nuforc.org

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