Latest UFO Sighting Reported New York

I witnessed UFO Sighting of a Disk/Saucer shaped object high above my 31st floor terrace in a partly cloudy predawn sky. The UFO Sighting was bright red and moving north in a slow linear direction towards LaGuardia Airport some 5 miles away from my location. It then turned left quite quickly I could see that the disk had gained altitude towards Manhattan Island moving in a non-linear fashion at very high speed. During its movement towards Manhattan the disk’s bright red color (apparent dome shape) maintained its brightness; while it appeared that the saucer was translucent with its edge ringed by non-flashing white lights which became evident while changing its flight mode and position. It then continued to gain altitude quickly while moving north and disappearing. Location of Reported UFO Sighting Forrest Hills New York State 12/03/20 source: image below is an depiction of a Disk/Saucer UFO.

Disk Shaped UFO Sighting

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