Latest UFO Sighting Report Gold Metallic Craft Nevada

Traveling on interstate 55/93 southwest on a sunny day wide puffy clouds prevalent when a Shiny Gold Metallic Craft moving vertically appeared through a opening in the clouds. I shouted UFO to my wife who was traveling with me, however she didn't comprehend what I was trying to tell her. Wife is from the Philippines she missed seeing the UFO sighting but she realized I was very excited. The UFO Sighting disappeared through the cloud covering. I have done extensive traveling on aircraft and helicopters so I was shocked and in disbelief to see the craft. I only told my five children about the sighting and they advised me to remain silent. The UFO Sighting has become fixated in my subconscious mind and I vividly see the shiny metallic gold craft moving through the clouds frequently and I often wonder why I saw this experience. after several months I felt compelled to report the sighting however I had problems trying to email mufon and several of the history channel reporters. The UFO Sighting was a sight to behold. James Zacharie/ mufon cms# 115510 Salmon Nevada 5/15/21 Click Here for more updated UFO News & More. 

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