Latest UFO Sighting lights coming through windows Disc Shaped craft

My fiancee and I were traveling home westbound on Schoharie turnpike at 7:20 pm on the evening of Oct 24th 2020 when he said to me, "what is that?" I looked up from my phone, and saw at first through the tree line, what looked like a meteor might have been going through the sky. But as we observed it and he slowed down we realized it was no meteor. We saw lights which after a minute or two, looked to be interior lights or that the lights were coming through windows on a round or disc shaped craft. We could see the top part of the UFO Sighing looked to be grey or possibly black and it almost appeared to have an aura or a mist around it since there was little to no clouds in the sky and it was also quite a bright night with a very bright half moon. Which illuminated the top part of the UFO Sighting. I tried to catch it on my cell phone but could not see it on the screen and at this point after about 5 minutes of observation it began to just fade out. I would also like to add that I saw a triangular shaped disc above my home exactly the same time 2 weeks ago with my daughter. I guess I will add that experience in another report. mufon cms# 111961 Duanesburg new York 10/24/20 Region has had 3,988 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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