Latest UFO Sighting Highly reflective triangular object hovering stationary NS CA 9/12/16

It was about 7:10 pm Atlantic time and I was a passenger in a vehicle driving on the highway (Highway 103 NS) into Upper Tantallon, coming from Halifax, roughly 4 mins before the exit onto Hammond's Plains Rd. The pyramid-shaped UFO was stationary in the sky directly in front of us and a smidge to the right of center through the windshield, above the horizon, but not up in the clouds. It appeared distant but quite large and more reflective of the sun than anything I've ever seen before. I might be a bit off with the shape description as it reflected the light to the point where the edges were obscured. I pointed it out to the driver (who had been focused on the road, but easily found it when he looked up) and he also couldn't figure out what it was. It remained completely stationary for over a minute as we drove toward it and I joked that maybe it was a UFO, expecting to figure out what it was as we got closer. As I watched without looking away, it very, very quickly receded into the distance, directly opposite of where we were and was half the size it first was within a second, then completely vanished within one more. There was no sign of it after that. It either took off at an incredibly high speed or shrank to nothing before my eyes as it did not appear to travel laterally from our position. 

The driver and I cannot explain what we witnessed or identify it as any of the other objects one would expect to see in the sky. This was not a plane or balloon, not a drone or anything else I know of. MUFON CMS# 79111 9/12/16 

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