Latest UFO Sighting Black Rectangular Prism hovering International Airport July 5 2016

I had just applied for a job at the local University and decided to stop at the performing arts plaza to get a nice view of the bay and eat a snack. It was raining lightly and overcast, so looking from the plaza, the first thing that caught my eyes were the plumes on the horizon from a petroleum plant that operates a few miles northwest of my location.

Inside the plumes was a rectangle-shaped dark patch that was moving away from the mass of smoke. I watched it with curiosity for a few minutes because of the odd, dark shape, but discounted the UFO as a dense cloud of smoke that simply hadn't dispersed in the wind. After the UFO had cleared the smoke, it was an obvious rectangle shape, but I instead assumed it was a flight from Vancouver or overseas, coming in for landing at the local international airport. I began eating and watching, noting the slowness with which the UFO moved across the sky. After 15 minutes, the UFO was lined up with the airport from my perspective and also began diminishing and returning from its black rectangular shape into a black square, similar to looking at a dead pixel on a computer screen.

The rectangle would also slowly drift halfway to it's starting position and back again. My belief that this was an aircraft began wavering, so I turned the zoom to maximum on my phone camera and filmed a few (shoddy) shots of the UFO Sighting for posterity. After filming, I saw a jet take off from Bellingham International Airport and watched it transit the rectangle. The jet was almost as big as the object, but clearly closer to me, giving me the notion that this UFO was much larger than the jet. I continued waiting, watching two helicopters pass over the bay and one more jet taking off from the airport. I had expected to see the rectangle bank and land at the airport, considering that I may have misidentified an aircraft waiting for landing clearance, but instead, to my surprise I saw the UFO drift slightly west one last time, ascend a few more degrees away from the horizon and slowly vanish into the black 'pixel' shape, as though it's distance from me had significantly increased.

The last I saw of it was a slow fade into obscurity among the clouds. During the majority of the UFO sighting, I was convinced the UFO was a large distant aircraft, but in conclusion, all of its behaviors and drifting patterns defy explanation by myself. MUFON CMS# 77509

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