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Latest UFO Disk Sighting Hovering over my house

St. George WV. 12/11/18 I walked out to grab some stuff out of car when all of a sudden I hear this sorta loud rustle/wind sound. When I looked around I noticed it was above me. I looked up and saw a disk like UFO hovering above my house. UFO had a slight rock back and forth. UFO was dark but it seems like I could see it clear as day like maybe so dim lights lighting it up. My brother and my sister came outside to get me they said I had been out there for about 10 minutes (it felt like seconds) they saw it too. There was sorta like a flash or a flicker of light then it seemed to go all dark. nuforc.org 

Latest UFO Sighting UFO Disk St. George WV 12-18

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