Large Metallic Triangular UFOs emitting Red Orbs Reported

While observing stars in the milky way on a clear moonless night in a rural area with no light pollution, two Large Metallic Triangular UFOs appeared out of nowhere overhead, not close to each other. They were stationary for several minutes. UFO Sighting started emitting or discharging or launching dozens of Red Orbs, which headed in all directions, at varying speed. Some of the orbs became larger as they descended while others continued in seemingly high altitude. None headed directly toward my position but many became larger. There was no local or personal anomaly. I have observed many singular or small group UFOs, of all shapes and sizes over decades. Some very close. most of which have caused electrical and or physiological effects, such as humming or body sensations. This was an obvious higher altitude event that looked like a mass launching. The large ones then vanished several minutes after the orbs stopped coming out of them. since then the usual "local" ones have been seemingly idle. Several years ago the police chased 3 large orange Orbs that ended up hovering over our neighborhood. It was covered on TV. The high level event I am attesting to was something I have never observed and I was struck by the amount of smaller ones that were "launched?" from them in all directions. mufon cms# 111372 Parsonfield Maine 8/19/20 Region has had 683 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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