Large Dumbbell Shaped UFO Sighting Oct 8,2017 Reported over Brazil

Brazil Barbell Shaped UFO Sighting reported Oct 8 2017

UFO Sighting reported on October 8, 2017, I took a plane trip from Campinas (São Paulo) to Rio de Janeiro. A journey of approximately 55 minutes. The plane took off at approximately 8:25 AM. When the clock was about 9:02 AM, I looked at the airplane window and saw a black UFO Sighting a little distant, I looked more closely and I was shocked. The UFO Sighting had the shape of dumbbells, was totally black and seemed to be at least the size of a Boeing. I took my cell phone to film, with a trembling hand. It took me to unlock it and saw the UFO entering the cloud that was just below it. I was very disappointed that I could not film this UFO Sighting. After he got into the cloud, I was able to press the camera record of the phone and film for 2 minutes, but then it was late, the UFO did not return. Later, I took a picture of the video and did an illustrative image to exemplify what I saw that day. I'm still very disappointed in myself for not being able to shoot this incredible UFO Sighting that happened at cruising altitude and lasted less than 30 seconds. The following illustration is attached. mufon cms# 87923

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