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Large Black Triangle UFO Sighting reported 11-18-17 Herrin IL

Large Black Triangle UFO Sighting reported Herrin IL 11-18-17

UFO Sighting occurred on 11/18/17 Two friends and myself were driving down the road when we see to our right a 3 story tall Black Triangular UFO hovering stationary in the air. It was less the 500 feet to our right and east a little over a residential area nearly 120 feet off the ground.It had a light each on its belly in the three corners of this triangular UFO. They softly pulsed a warm yellow light glow. I was the driver but I could not keep my eyes off it.It's like time stopped only because we watched it for minutes while driving but never made it down the road. I still can't figure that out. The UFOs surface did not appear smooth it looked to have detail that I could not make anything of. It was dusk and the sky had just began to go from glowing sunset, to evening light and the vehicle began to move after our seeing only maybe 3 minutes of actual hovering. It moved extremely slow for what seemed to me like forever. The three of us just kept asking each other if they were seeing the same thing as each other. We were blown away to say the least.Life changing.soundlessly and very smoothly began to pick up pace on it's South Eastern course of flight. The UFO Sighting seem to shrink and then in a blink it was very small and we realized it had taken off so fast that to us it appeared to shrink we watch it until it disappears into a point on the horizon some 20 miles SE of it's straight path of flight. I had pencil and a spiral notebook in my vehicle and I right away sketched the UFO Sightingas I had seen it as it was hovering. Both my friends agree that my drawing was exactly what they had seen to. We were very quiet for a while in the car after we calmed down. I think of it often and how it affected many of my points of view. mufon cms# 88395

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