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Invisible UFO coming through double rainbow

Something very weird happened tonight. I have a lot of pictures I shot with a 24.4mp camera with little knowledge what this UFO Sighting thing is and why there were so many UFOs. We just thought we were taking pictures of a double rainbow. My wife was inside taking pictures with her phone and I was outside with the Nikon d3400. I didn't even see these UFOs at all until I saw the Big Cigar Shaped UFO in the pictures when they blue tooth uploaded to my phone. Then I started looking and zooming in and finding all these same shaped objects all over the place looking like they were moving through this rainbow! it was nuts its so weird. We didn't see anything until we saw the pictures. Like they were invisible. I'm an amateur photographer and I would know if I saw something like that come through on my viewfinder. Like I said, it was a 24.4 mp camera I was using. mufon cms# 109144 Chatham Illinois 5/28/20 Region has had 2,609 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

cigar shaped UFO

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