Inverted V shaped UFO Sighting with multi-colored lights Virginia

On the evening of Monday, May 6th, in Staunton, Virginia, at around 10:36 pm, I took my dog outside my house (in the backyard) for his final evening constitutional. My backyard faces North / Northwest, (towards Bridgewater and Harrisonburg, VA) and it was a clear night and I could see the usual evening stars. As I waited, I glanced above the house directly behind mine (about 40 yards away, uphill). Over the roof, I saw what looked like the letter A without the connecting line in the middle hovering above the house. I looked up the name of this shape and it is called a Chevron (an inverted V). The shape seemed to be an equilateral triangle with only the right and left sides lit at equal intervals. The shape was about 1/6 or 1/7 the size of the roof line. I could not gauge how far away the actual UFO Sighting was, but know my eyesight would preclude an object that was too far away. I did not have my glasses on (I am nearsighted). I just figured it was a plane in the distance because the multi-colored lights twinkled independently of each other. As I stood still and tried to make sense of what I was seeing, I noticed that the actual UFO Sighting was not entirely stationary. It would move upwards a bit, then hover for about 30 seconds or so, then move a bit to the right, and then hover for about 30 seconds or so. Then move back to the center and hover, then down to the left and hover. The movements were smooth, repetitive, and in a subtle pattern. It reminded me of an intricate dance centered in one area. After about 2 minutes, I realized that it if the UFO was a helicopter, I would have been able to hear it. It was quiet outside, and the UFO was no smaller or larger than it had been minutes before. No planes would have still been the same size, or would be hovering. Goodness! I became more focused on what I what seeing. I could see the center top and both bottom lights were white and flickering, rather than flashing. From the bottom (right to left) the lights were subtly various colors: white, blue, red, yellow, white (center top), greenish, yellow, blue, and white (left). It was if all the lights were really white, but every once in a while, colors were rotated in with the white, at an independent speed from the other lights. I moved my head back and forth to determine if maybe I was seeing light through tree limbs or branches, and that is why it appeared to dance, but that did not make a difference. The A- Shaped UFO Sighting was subtly moving, and it made me happy, dancing like that. I realized it wasn’t anything I could explain away. Even though there were tall evergreens and trees nearby, they did not come between the object and me. I ran inside my house (with the dog) to grab my cell phone (charging in the kitchen), and took it back outside to video. I stood there videoing the object for about 2 minutes and during that whole time I could see the object with my eyes, but the I-Phone which normally takes excellent videos, showed nothing. I tried again, and the videos came up black, with me talking and black screen, only. I ran back inside, this time I turned off all exterior lights (garage and porch) the dog came with all three of my cats, this time, and I ran back out to try again. I spoke as I videoed again, and again, I could see the UFO clearly, but the camera didn’t seem to record anything. The UFO was still dancing and flickering. I took 3 more videos. After about 9 minutes of witnessing the UFO I noted that all lights seemed to be attached (it seemed like one UFO not many) as they stayed equidistant the entire time. The experience was very peaceful and happy. When I looked down, my 3 cats and 1 dog were all standing or sitting quietly by me. Anyone with cats and a 2 yr.-old dog knows this feline behavior never happens. I took 5 videos in total, and all the videos have me talking with a blank/black screen with no images at all. I ran back inside the house, all the animals followed me, and I grabbed my glasses. I left the critters inside and ran back outside in the dark. This time the object was nowhere to be found. There was suddenly white cloud cover where the object had been, and a few clouds that seemed luminescent with a slight glow. I don’t know where the clouds came from? The rest of the sky was clear. I went back inside for the dog one and took him back outside one final time and he started running in the yard, in circles like a crazy thing (which he can do when he gets excited). This darting around is hard on a leash holder. I kept looking up but saw nothing else interesting. The dog kept running to and fro in a spastic way, and I suddenly felt a little unnerved. Why was he crazy like that? I moved back inside, locked all the doors, and checked on the animals. They were fine. I did not go out again.

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