Huge Triangle UFO Reported over prairie Rhã´ne Louisiana

Thursday, May 6th, 9:40pm driving back home from a grocery run, on Hwy 3043, when, I spotted what I thought was a row of stars, quickly appeared to be a bright center light with equal amount of lights on both sides, I believe, it was (5 or 6 outer lights). UFO Sighting was boomerang shaped and kept getting bigger, I can see it's so massive, solid black & way bigger than anything known that can fly. It was at least a half a mile long and it's coming straight for me.

Then the center light shots a beaming pulsating light straight at me, which lite up the entire night sky so bright, it looked like it was daylight, for a couple of seconds. It knew, I saw it! I remember praying, dear god what & why did they shoot that thing at me?! it looked just like the popular UFO videos or straight out of the movies. Craziest thing I have ever experienced if I was not a believer before, I most certainly am now! just like that, it was completely gone. I called my wife immediately afterwards to tell her about it and to make sure I did not have missing time. No missing time but I will never forget what I witnessed tonight. mufon cms# 115164 Opelousas Louisiana Region has had 863 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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