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Hovering UFO Sighting made no sound

 I wanted to report I personally had a UFO Sighting encounter in Athens Greece in August 1983 which three other American ladies witnessed as well. Here is the story: "it was end of august in Greece, and my wife Pavlina and I had just returned from my Konos that summer of 1983. Pavlina was inside her apartment with her two American girlfriends, Nancy and Victoria Sandler, who came to stay with us for two nights, and the ladies were in the kitchen cooking us dinner. I was sitting out on our fifth-story penthouse balcony, enjoying the great view with a glass of wine when something incredible happened; it was about 4:30 pm on a clear, sunny, hot summer afternoon, and I was gazing across the street out at the columns on Ancient Parthenon when something caught got my attention. whatever it was, it came slowly towards me from the left and I caught its elliptical shape out of the corner of my eye. When I finally turned to look and saw it, I was absolutely stunned. what I saw was a sleek, dark, chrome-like UFO in the form of an aerodynamic metallic craft. It was slowly moving past me at eye level where I was seated and cruised by only about 50 yards away. It was in fact, a flying disc-shaped UFO Sighting moving past me going about 40 mph, with multi-colored red, blue and green flashing strobes lights circling around the edges. The UFO vehicle made no sound at all! after it came into full view I gasped at the extraordinary sight and shouted what-the-####-is-that?! Pavlina and her two girlfriends heard me and ran out the sliding glass doors to see what happened. I pointed to the amazing UFO Sighting saucer passing by the balcony and they saw it too. They were stunned as it glided gracefully by. We all saw it and were speechless and lost for words. If you have ever had the fortune to see such a thing then you know it's a completely overwhelming experience. All we could do is gape with our mouths open at the extraordinary craft moving past us. We watched as it continued hovering at the same height traveling down the street then gained speed. About a mile further down, UFO Sighting suddenly swooped upwards at incredible velocity and disappeared into the sky. Pavlina and her girlfriends looked at one. MUFON CMS# 105686 This Region has had 1969 UFO Sightings reports to date.

Sliver Black Saucer Shaped UFO

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