Hovering Metallic Rectangular UFO Sighting

I saw the first of two UFO Sightings on June 4th at about 7:30 pm. The first Sighting was on June 4th. after I parked and turned off my car in the Raley's grocery store parking lot off Howe Ave and Fair Oaks Blvd. in Sacramento, I sat for a second listening to the radio. I looked in my driver's side rear-view window and saw this slow moving almost hovering Gray Metallic Square Rectangular UFO with rounded corners and sort of a Beige/Pink middle row.

UFO Sighting moved behind the top of a tall tree, so I watched and waited for it to come out the other side, in all directions, but it never did. it disappeared. it was large, so I was stunned it had vanished. It was across the street, kitty corner from the Raley's parking lot. I was located in the North West corner of Howe and Fair Oaks, and the UFO Sighting was at treetop level behind the gas station and safe way on the South East corner of Howe and Fair Oaks. from a distance of about 500 feet, it appeared to be near the horizon. The UFOs size at that distance looked to be like the size of a car. There was no time to grab my phone to snap a photo.

I wanted to keep my eyes on it. Tonight, June 12, 2020, I was taking photos from my backyard of the beautiful sky next to the American river and levee. Later I wanted to post one of the photos on my social media and noticed a dot high up in the sky. When I zoomed in the photo, I knew it was not an airplane or helicopter. After this second UFO sighting in a week, I decided I better start tracking and reporting them. mufon was the first place I filed a report. mufon cms# 109429 Sacramento California 6-4-20 Region has had 1,0829 Reported UFO Sightings to date.


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