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Hoovering UFO Sighting Became Visible when I flashed a light

First I am a veteran and worked on aircraft when in military, am not a nut case. This "UFO Sighting" happened a couple of weeks ago. If it hadn't been an unusual event I wouldn't have reported it. This is what happened everything happened in just a few seconds. It was late dusk I couldn't see the object until I shined a flashlight up in the sky. It became visible, then faded or disappeared without moving in only a few seconds. I've seen UFOs before but never reported them. I've never seen one appear when you shined a flashlight on it, then faded sitting in one spot. UFO Sighting had many lights around the outside and I could see 3 red bubble lights under it at 90 degrees. I think there was a 4th light but was hidden behind a dark part of the cloud. I jokingly shined the flashlight up in the sky, because it was getting late dusk. I know a dumb thing to do. It was sitting right there in plain sight when I shined the light on it, then faded out in only a few seconds. I estimate the object was approximately 300 feet above ground. It was right there in front of me. I could only see about 3/4 of it as the heavier part of the cloud hid the remaining part of craft. The only reason I am reporting this is because they may be sitting right under our noses, but a light exposes them at dusk. I want no recognition, which could cause ridicule. mufon cms# 111393 Wolcott New York 8/26/20 This Region had had 3,950 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

flying saucer UFO hovering over trees

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