Hoovering Blimp Type UFO Sighting California

On the morning of June 12th 2020 at approximately 11:15 am my son and I were driving up to a stop sign, traveling east, as I was approaching the stop sign I noticed a small blimp like structure. Silver white in appearance hovering above the homes near the stop sign. As I noticed it I asked my son to make sure I was really seeing this and he said yes he saw it. As we started driving forward there was some trees and it was gone. I turned left further up the street going north and looked in the direction of where it was as now looking that direction was a wide open field and it appeared to be gone, I thought if it was a blimp there was no way it could be gone that fast. I would also like to mention right before this UFO Sighting I was at a park and thought it would be cool to see a UFO Sighting. this is the 3rd time in 2 months I have had a UFO Sighting. I first got a vivid dream a couple months back with ET Aliens the dream seemed very real. after the dream I started meditating and started seeing UFOs. mufon cms# 109750 Eastvale California Region has had 10925 Reported UFO Sightings to date. 

Bright White UFO Disk hoovering

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