Hazy Craft with Twenty Square Windows

I'm going to start with a little background before the UFO sighting. I live in a very hilly, rural area. My girlfriend and I were in my valley garden. It was a very clear night and we were looking at the stars & we saw a definite satellite going by. We decided to stand back to back & spin slowly so we could see the whole sky. Later, we discussed how we both wanted to see a UFO while we were spinning. I noticed about 20 lights in a vertical position, almost directly above us. The top lights seem blurred at first. All the lights fell thought it was 20 different craft in sync. When they reached a 45* angle, I figured it was 1 craft. The UFO Sighting continued to fall until it was perfectly horizontal, very close to us. We couldn't see the craft. instead, we saw an estimated, 20 square windows. It was as big as my arms spread 2'. was moving too slowly to fly. It made zero noise. We watched the craft disappear before we lost sight of it. The event lasted 30-45 seconds. Mary said she saw a haze around it I didn't observe. Mary has seen 2 UFOs in the past, but this is my first. I believe it was another worldly craft that fell out of a wormhole and went back in another, but what do I know? mufon cms# 120146 Sullivan Missouri U.S 12/03/21

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