Gray Metallic UFO Sighting Video Nahant Mass

This UFO Sighting was a dull gray metallic looking object with small antennae made forward steady movement while descending approximately 1000-2500 feet away. It looked to us to be 30 or so feet long and had an almost small dirigible like motion. UFO Sighting was silent but very close to Logan airport and in the flight paths of jets as they were taking off. My daughter thought it was a parachute but I did not see it as such, much more similar to a short helicopter fuselage with no rotors or sounds. It was fascinating and perplexing to watch and I am baffled at what it could be so near a busy international airport. mufon cms# 117264 Nahant Massachusetts 8/08/21. This Region has had 1,494 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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