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Fleet of UFO orbs near Fort Eustis military base

I was on a military base outside with two other officers. I was looking through the sky when I noticed what looked like 3 stars in formation very low moving fast across the sky. As I pointed it out we began to lose sight of them into the clouds. It was then when we noticed many more all following the exact same path. We saw at least 10-15 bright UFO lights that did NOT strobe any kind of light all follow the same path through the sky. After they left we then looked around at all the other air traffic to compare it and it was totally different. Living near military bases you see air traffic constantly and that’s what makes something unusual easy to identify. We tried to record it but it was too far away for the camera to pick up I believe but I can double check the footage. One other time I witnessed a UFO Sighting and got it on camera which I submitted and was contacted by that states mufon representative. That’s why I always watch the sky for something unusual. mufon cms# 115358 Fort Eustis VA. U.S 5/08/21

Multiple UFO Orb Lights

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