Fire in the sky UFO Sighting Reported

A large illuminated UFO Sighting which flickered like it was on fire passed west to east. UFO Sighting made no sound. It was moving at aircraft speed. If it was and aircraft it would have been huge. I have been in aviation for 20+ years. I called my wife outside and she witnessed this also we observed the object till if faded. I tried to snap pictures or videos but my phone could not resolve what my eyes were seeing. Flights that were airborne within the same FOV were a commercial 737 at 33k and a smaller cr900 at 30k at that altitude. The object observed could not have been either of those do to it's apparent size. mufon cms# 112789 Las Cruces New Mexico 12/12/20 Region has had 1,185 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

illuminated UFO Sighting

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