Elongated Elliptical UFO Silver-Platinum Color Reported

North Dayton, Ohio, 8:59 pm edt July 5, 2020. 88 degrees sparse clouds to southwest, northwest and east rest of sky clear, no cloud cover. Very light wind, 2-3 mph est. at ground level. Taking photos of cloud formations at sunset using i-phone and facing southwest; turned camera straight up to take a photo of the sky above me when noticed small UFO moving smoothly and rapidly west to east in left peripheral vision. Assumed a plane, attempted to record it using i-phone camera but do not believe it showed up on either the video or still images I attempted to take of it. The video attached shows me panning around the sky trying to find it. UFO Sighting remained a solid, opaque, highly-shined metallic pale silver-platinum color or else reflected sunlight and appeared that color. an Elongated Elliptical Shape solid in appearance without any lights or other observable features. Alternately watched it and tried to photograph it as it continued course. It appeared to me as an amateur observer to be quite large and moving rapidly at a very high altitude. I watched it for approximately 60 seconds before it was no longer visible to me. Cell phone uncharacteristically froze multiple times just after the "UFO Sighting". mufon cms#109918 Vandalia Ohio 2993 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

black cylinder UFO

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