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Egg shaped UFO Sighting in sunset sky

On Thursday May 21, 2020, Laughlin Air force jets from Del Rio, Texas, presented a flyby over our town earlier in the day around 4 pm. Later in the day I  was on snap-chat social media where I tried looking for local videos of the jets. I went on snap map and tapped on the towns area, as I searched I found a video by someone unknown. I have no idea who uploaded this or the time uploaded. Just the date posted. I share this UFO Sighting because I have personally sighted this UFO in my town before. I have also submitted the footage of my UFO sighting a while back. I can only assume the area of the UFO video as on snap-chat, a blue hot spot bubble was seen over a small neighborhood. I do not own the video I just found it. Only public accounts videos can be seen in such hot spot bubbles. I have attached a screen recording of the original UFO sighting. I also added two screenshots of the snap-chat map where the blue hot spot I mentioned can be seen. I also had circled the area where the blue hot spot appeared a few days prior. mufon cms# 109067 Eagle Pass Texas Region has had 5,959 Reported UFO Sightings to date. No photos, videos or other media provided.

Egg Shaped UFO

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